Margarita Bay Pool Hall
Come challenge yourself or a friend to shoot some pool at Margarita Bay. We host pool leagues certain nights of the week. Remember it's not how many games you win, It's how well you rub in the ones you do win!

Join us Sunday nights for our tournament. Only $3 entry and bar pays $2 each entry!
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Well Drinks

Domestic Bottles

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Small Pitcher

Free Munchies

No Shots Over $6.50




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Our regular business hours are from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. Check our Facebook page for special dates and times.

If your coming to sing karaoke, we start at 8 p.m. and sing till close at 2 a.m. and
we never close early. . . . . EVER!
We have been hosting karaoke each night starting at 8 pm. since the day we opened. Our song list has over 9,000 titles and no multiple duplicates.

See our song list to get a head start on your night out.
Click Here to view our song selections. They are catagorized by song title or by artist.
We place orders for songs when we have enough to fill a CD.

Margarita Bay reserves the right to refuse ordering any songs for any reason at any time.
On Facebook we will feature an employee bio for each of our 11 employees. You can follow us on Facebook to see who we will be featuring and to learn something interesting about them.

In addition, you can keep up to date on drink specials and hours of operation on special dates.